Whyyyy Do Women Hate Women?!!!

What we see in others makes little sense if taken at face value without a deeper understanding. It may seem like women hate women because models stop other female competition, or Chinese women attack a woman who cheated with a man known to them. Also woman in Africa uphold female genital mutilation, or feminist slamming other women. And you wonder if men are more loyal to each other because they stick together when another man beats his wife.

I see a common factors in all of these cases, which do not represent all of woman kind. I see women who feel trapped by the standards of men toward women. Chinese women and African women, like American feminists, are in a culture where men stick together to subjugate women. As a slave you do not kick your slave master, you kick other slaves so they do not make too many waves and they all get hurt.

I do find that women expect more out of other women then men expect from other men. They expect that they uphold the moral and ethical codes that mothers put in place for the safety of the family and children. I find most women go out of their way to help other women and their children. Men expect the same of women. But they are more likely to tolerate errant men who take advantage of women and of other men.

Some of this difference between men and women may be genetic. But a lot can be from a culture that is too tolerant of errant people. Men do better in such a culture as they are physically stronger, not as tied down with children, and set a lot of the civic rules that may ignore the abuse of women and children. Why didn’t the Chinese police stop the women from attacking each other? Was it a result of what they thought the women were thinking, or what other men were thinking about how they should handle the situation. If they had tried to strip the man who cheated would the police have acted the same?

That is hard to say. Nothing is as simple as it seems. And it is easy to blame women because they do not hold the power? Or is it the usual battle of the sexes? Why does that battle exist? Hmmmm.



There’s a new craze in China. A group of women will surround a woman accused of cheating with someone they know and strip her completely naked in the streets whilst kicking slapping, punching and even lobbing great lumps of poo at her!

No judge. No jury.

Just a bunch of vengeful witches. Where is the man she was unfaithful with (allegedly) – Either tucked up at home eating food his wife just made or sleeping with someone else. No justice needed for him apparently.
They even did this in front of a bawling child. No one in 3 video’s I have seen stepped in to help.

The goal? Excessive humiliation.


In the modelling industry, the people maintaining the status quo of photo-shopping women into stick insects and unnecessarily abusing and demoralizing young healthy sized women who want to be models are mostly women, not men.


It is…

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